simpleX version 1.3 up!

simpleXsimpleX 1.3 is now compatible with WordPress version 2.7. Threaded Comments are supported and those of you who have been asking me about it, here you are. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t found time to work on simpleX. But since this was going to happen sooner or later, I am happy I could update it for better. Let me know how this version works out. Thank you again for downloading.

Something BIG to announce…

Hey everyone! I have been bit busy these few days especially the weekend and will be busy for most of December. Well, I am not planning to take a holiday break for sure. I am jealous you guys have Christmas. :). Anyway, I have been working on partnering with another website which would definitely be very helpful to all the WordPress lovers. I cannot reveal the details just yet. 2009 should be a BLAST! I will post more details later.

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simpleX, as the name suggests, is a simple, clean and minimalist WordPress theme.


This theme is my first official WordPress theme. I created this theme to learn (at first place) and only by changing the default WordPress CSS style. But as it developed, I had few things that I wanted to change. Then I tweaked the codes at a few places. I released simpleX 1.0 and listed out at official WordPress theme page on December 1, 2008. I was surprised at the statistics WordPress provided. Because of the overwhelming response and listed as top 20 themes at WordPress, I was inspired to make updates to it.

Development Log

Yes, I have kept a development log in case you are interested. :)


It now supports WordPress 2.7+ and commented threads. This site is also using simpleX so you are already previewing the theme. Please feel free to browse around and download the theme if you like it.


Interestingly, simpleX comes for FREE.



Future is always uncertain, as they say. I am not sure what I will do with simpleX in future. I have a few ideas in mind but again, I want to develop few other themes. If there is a significant amount of response with simpleX, I will keep on updating it otherwise, I will call it a theme and move on with other cool themes. Nevertheless, feel free to ask questions, give suggestions or post comments about simpleX on the comments section.


Released under GPL. I would appreciate if you could leave the footer intact or at least leave a backlink to WPshoppe on your footer.

Keep loving WordPress!

simpleX crosses 1000 downloads and listed top 20 themes!

SimpleX, a 10 day old theme, now has been downloaded more than 1000 times (to my surprise!). Its getting an average rating of 4 which is not bad I guess. Its also now listed as top 20 themes on WordPress website which is again something to be proud of! I can’t wait for the updated version to be listed over at WordPress. I don’t know what is taking so long for those guys. Perhaps the 2.7 upgrade. Anyway, I look forward to some of your suggestions and comments on this site as well. Thank you all!

WordPress 2.7 finally released!

If you haven’t noticed WordPress finally came up with the long awaited version 2.7. I was testing the RC2 release just yesterday and now 2.7 is ready for download. That was pretty quick. I didn’t expect that so fast. :)

I have noticed that perhaps this version of WordPress hasn’t been tested out properly with Chrome. As I use this browser most of the time, there are a few image issues with it. Such as the rounded buttons and the admin login box corners. They render black. I couldn’t post it to the official WP blog but hope they come out with a fix soon. Now to implement WP 2.7!