Cleanr @WordPress and a popular choice!

Well, I have been posting numbers a lot of times and you might have been bored. But I couldn’t resist this time. While SimpleX has been one of the top choices at the WordPress Site (as you can see the consistency of downloads), Cleanr seems to be yet another choice for many. It has been just 2 days and it has already been downloaded 361 times just yesterday leaving behind all the trails of SimpleX. Its just inspiring to me and thought I would mention it. :) Thanks for listening!



Cleanr is yet another FREE, simple and clean 2-column WordPress Theme.

Most of us bloggers sure want our content to be the main focus on the site. And when content becomes the main focus, its hard to stare at your content when there is a bad typography and not well spaced. To get all of us a good solution, I present you a brand new theme Cleanr!

Cleanr focuses on typography. Big fonts lets your users find it easy to read even from a distance. Cleanr focuses on space. It always looks better when you have some space around you. :)

There are a few other features on Cleanr.

  • Drop down Menu for Categories and Pages
  • Current Menu highlights itself
  • Threaded Comments
  • uses jQuery and 960 CSS frameworks
  • compatible with other javascript frameworks
  • works perfectly with WordPress 2.8



Media Settings

To upload pictures, you get best results when you set your image sizes as follows. Go to Settings -> Media and set your sizes to:

  • Thumbnail – 200 x 200
  • Medium – 580 x 580
  • Large – 940 x 940


Released under GPL. I would appreciate if you could leave the footer intact or at least leave a backlink to WPshoppe on your footer.

22,000+ downloads and a revamped Cleanr!

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing just great and enjoying life! Its been a long time and you might be wondering where I got lost. :) Well, I am still alive and doing good. I just have been pretty busy with things here and there.

So, I just checked the stats at WordPress site and wow, I must say simpleX has been quite popular. There has been 22,000+ downloads as of today. I am impressed! Thank you all for the wonderful support. Continue reading