Smashing Magazine tweet about Cleanr!

Oh Yes! I didn’t even know this and when I did, I was really excited about it. Having noticed by Smashing Magazine, one of the favorite sites of mine, is a really BIG thing for me. This site has been a resource and inspiration hub for me all this time and having a 200,000 fan following isn’t a small site now, is it? So, yesterday, they had tweeted about Cleanr, which is also my favorite theme. Past few weeks has been really great for me and unexpected things are happening. This was one of them and I couldn’t stop sharing for all of ya guys. :)

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Interview: Meeting with 7 Amazing WordPress Theme Designers

WebHostingSearch just carried out interviews with 7 of many great WordPress theme designers and I was lucky enough to be on the list. If you are an aspiring WordPress theme developer, feel free to read views from designers all over the world. I am particularly a big fan of Adii Rockstar who co-founded WooThemes and I envy what they have been doing at WooThemes. I feel very honored that I have been listed along with him. Thanks to Brian Franklin for publishing this interview.

If you want to know any additional facts about me, let me know. :) Cheers!!!