Upcoming theme: minii, like/comment if you would like to see this theme developed

I haven’t been active much, well obviously. I have plans to restart making some simple themes and I have designs on hand as well. I just don’t have much time to code in as I have been relatively busy with Graph Paper Press and Music. :) We have 3 themes in the pipeline there of which the core framework was released this weekend.

That set apart, I had a simple clean design that I wanted to work on few months back. I want to produce this more professionally but want to get your feedback on if you guys really want it. I have the code ready for the core functionality and just need to write it down into a WP Theme. I have called it minii, mainly because it just shows titles but then clicking on the title (block) reveals the actual post. At first glance, it looks clean and the title attracts the visitors attention immediately. This has been my strength – minimalism.

Anyway, I want you guys to post out a comment below or ‘like’ this post so I am bound to start working on this. ha! Sorry for the trouble but I think I need some chains now. :)

Heres a sneakpeak!