minii lite out now!

Good news FIRST!

I have decided to give away minii theme for free as a LITE version. I just submitted to WordPress Trac and until I wait for their official approval, I will post this on here as well.

Grab it NOW and post whatever bug you find out or any feature that you think might be of great help. Look at the minii demo and be convinced! :)

I will put them on a pro version along with few features I have in mind. That will be a paid version though! Again good thing is its cost. While I haven’t decided on the exact amount, I will be giving the pro version on a bargain, probably one of the cheapest WordPress pro themes out there. :)

Bad news now is, if you have been following me on Twitter, you probably know. Last Monday, I had a small cut injury on my right thumb and I had to go through a surgery to fix it. While I can type and work, I cannot use it normally. I cannot sign a cheque, damn! :( Good thing is I work on computers, not papers. :) I will have to take a rest for 3-6 weeks. Another good thing is, I am learning to do things with my left hand. :)

My new hand says Hi!

Anyway, things are going good so no worries. I hope to recover soon and start working on the features of minii.

minii – ready for release

So, its been over 2 months I posted. WoW!

This time its serious though. Thank you all who viewed, posted comments, liked and gave suggestions. They are very valuable. I am not disappointing you for sure.

I have finally worked my a** off this weekend to finalize my minii. Its a pretty sweet experience going back and getting another minimalist theme after a long time. It feels amazing when you know you are done and everything starts coming out as you think. I am sure you agree with me. It happens in whatever work you do. :)

Anyway, I am posting now because, I wanted to say, minii is nearly done. There might be few css issues missing for this beta version to complete which I will work on this week and probably release the theme next weekend. I just finished setting up its demo. The best thing about this theme, as I realized just before posting this, is that it looks awesome in iPhone. Why? Because, the big bold fonts are clearly readable without having to zoom in and look at the text which you may have done it on other themes. That kinda defines the real meaning of being minimalist!

This theme is going to be available for free as a beta version very soon. After a short time of its release (hopefully I can integrate premium features within next 2 weeks), this will become a paid theme. A number of features such as lightbox, different css themes, google fonts, flexible widgets, logo, google tracking, cross browser compatibility and a few more, including bug fixes from beta will be available at that time.

So, grab as soon as this comes out! Follow me, @maharzan, on Twitter and grab this opportunity!