Learn jQuery in 30 days

If you are are designer/developer and or a client trying to customize a WordPress theme, I am sure you must have encountered files where you have to tweak a few things in jQuery to make it work. Even WordPress core relies heavily in jQuery. To add to that, there are tonnes of plugins which rely on jQuery.

Now, if you are a designer like me who only occasionally try to dig into hardcore codes like jQuery or php, and have problems trying to figure out what the code is or how to change it, this 30 day lesson couldn’t have come at a better time. Yes, the very popular Jerffrey Way from tutsplus is giving a 30 day jQuery lesson here and for FREE. Oh who doesn’t love free things. :)

I use jQuery plugins quite extensively in my personal projects or with theme development although I do not normally sit down and code as thats the hard part for a designer. I do tweak things and I am sure this will help me understand code better. I might be making few plugins. :)

So, if you are interested, just put down your email address on their site and you will start receiving one tutorial every day for 30 days.