WordPress 3.4 & more…

As you must have already known, WordPress 3.4 “Green” is already out. Although there are few new features in there, do not rush to update yet. Oh! Why? Well, because I do not want you to land on the situation where you get some errors and cannot revert back. First, check if the theme you are using actually supports WordPress 3.4. Most importantly, check all your plugins page to see if they support 3.4. If all does and there is not one important plugin that doesn’t support the new WordPress, I highly recommend you update all your WordPress, themes as well as plugins. But before updating, make sure you have kept a back up in case something goes wrong.

What about themes from WPshoppe? I will be checking the themes and update them as soon as I can. I will post an update next week.

Any new themes coming?

OH YEAH!! I am working on a neat single column old book like theme and its going to be beautiful in all platforms! I am excited about it. Should be ready in July!

As always, thank you for coming here and if you have been using Sleeek, I am most thankful! You are keeping this site alive! :)

UPDATE: Yes, Sleeek works perfectly with WordPress 3.4. Feel free to upgrade your WordPress! However, it still doesn’t support the new features like customizer. The theme will be updated pretty soon.