Oh Yes! You guessed it right. I am a ‘rockstar’. Well, not quite although I have formed a band Nissim along with 2 of my friends. We jam sometimes. I am a guitarist and like to compose music whenever I am free. I recently received a custom JS guitar (as a gift) from an online guitarist friend in US.

Anyway, WPshoppe.com is all about simple, clean, minimalist WordPress themes focusing on typography and user friendliness. I will be maintaining a blog and write about tips and tricks as I experience developing more themes. I hope that this can be helpful to many of us who are also trying their hands into theme development as I am.

I like to call myself a Hobbyist. Why? Well, most of the things I do is kind of a hobby and things that I really want to do. Be it Art, Music, Web designs, 2D / 3D animations, exploring the internet and what not. I tried few different things like going to college and hardcore programming a few times but I didn’t really succeed much, which I guess meant it was not my thing. Recently, I have grown another interest, HD Videography. I have tried with Canon HV30 and  Canon 7D. So, you probably agree with me. :)

In October 2008, after dedicating 6 years, making my co-founded offshore company, DMS,  successful in giving cutting edge solutions to clients, and having experienced a tonne of situations, I wanted to set myself more time to realize few of my ideas over sticking to client-based services model. Its always good to do things that you want to do. So, I have set myself free from those responsibilities now to implement my personal ideas, WPshoppe.com is one of them! Be sure to check out others.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. Cheers! :)

Chandra Maharzan
Kathmandu, Nepal
November 6th, 2008

Updated: December 15, 2010