simpleX now updated to use WordPress 3.0 menu feature

Its been quite sometime WordPress 3.0 is out. So, just took some time off to quickly update my classic theme – simpleX, to make full use of this feature. For those who are using WordPress 3.0 and not being able to make full use of the Menus feature, here you are. Feel free to download it now. :)

On the side note, today I saw a whooping 637 downloads a day at Not sure how but simpleX has not more than 60000 downloads and has been pretty popular. Thanks for all those who used the theme. I don’t want to promise anything but I have some more plans for this theme and another simple theme is awaiting development. :)


27 thoughts on “simpleX now updated to use WordPress 3.0 menu feature

  1. Chandra: Hi! I can’t find an email address, so I’m hoping this will get to you. The category links in your blog (including the ‘themes’ link in the top menu) are broken :( Just FYI…

    • Hi Luis,

      Thanks for the heads up. I had upgraded to WP 3.0 and looks like the permalinks are now down. :( I will just use default for now and see why its directing me to another location.


  2. hi,

    thanks for your theme!

    WONDERFULL !! I use it on my website ( and I really love it!



    • Hi Matt,

      You are most welcome. I have yet to find some time to add WP 3.0 in Cleanr but will do sometime soon. Thanks for posting. It looks great with your content. :)


  3. I got a little problem and hope you can help me with it:

    It’s just a yes/no question

    I use the previous version of SimpleX with little modifications: It’s translated to Hebrew.since I upgraded to wordpress 3, every time I try to post something from it on facebook, the language on facebook gets all messed up in gibberish. try posting this on facebook and see for yourself:

    anyway my question is: do you thing version 1.32 of Simplex would solve it?

    • Hi Uri,

      I don’t think 1.3.2 will solve this problem. I have never checked with hebrew. might be how facebook encodes it. can you send me any other site that has hebrew and works fine in facebook? I have had problems attaching links with wordpress themes as they either don’t show content / title or no thumbnails at all.


    • I absolutely cannot say what might be wrong. :) The only thing to find out is to compare each of the page source code and see what the differences are. I see this guy is using WordPress 2.7 and yours is 3.0. You said its not plugins so I am not sure what it is. He is also using SEO plugin maybe try that?

  4. hhmmm… I think it the problem started when I upgraded to wordpress 3. I checked out tge seo plugin and it’s not the problem. Do you know if ther’s a toll to downgrade my wordpress version?

  5. I’m Sorry, this turned into much more than a yes/no question… thanks anyway for your good will to help. Somehow I’ll find a solution. :)

  6. Since upgrading to the new version I’ve lost the page tabs across the top… is there some way to reactivate these using the custom menus? The custom menus seem to be for widgets.

  7. Ok so I added a menu called “Navigation” and it appeared as tabs. But how does it know to use the one called “Navigation?” What if I add another menu? It’s a bit ambiguous.

  8. Chandra, I really like how flexible your theme is. I made a style I call “Lonestar” you can see it here: If I create a patch for your theme that will allow the admin panel to select any of the .css files in the css/ directory, will you consider including it in your theme along with my style?

    • Thanks Angelo. I am not sure about what patch means. :) Sorry about that. Feel free to send it to my email maharzan [at] gmail so I can check what you mean and how it works. I thought I had already placed which css file to select in the admin options panel. Is that not working? There are 3 styles you can choose from right now and you can create you own as well. :)

      Anyway, if it helps all, I will definitely put it up on the theme as well. Thanks for your input. :)

  9. I love the clean look of your theme. It seems pretty user friendly, which really helps. One question? I can’t find Page on my site. I’m trying to make a parent page.

  10. The navigation is gone and I reinstalled the theme and it is still gone. If I load another theme, all navigation works fine. What should I do? I want to use SimpleX. Please help.

  11. Hi Chandra. First off, thanks for such a nice looking theme. I updated my SimpleX theme to 1.3.1 and my page navigation disappeared. I looked in all the usual places for what might have happened (style.css, default.css, etc.). Our site is located at I went to Appearance/Themes and previewing other themes showed all the navigation. I ended up reverting to 1.2.1 and all navigation returned. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Christian,

      The latest simpleX theme uses WordPress 3.0 menu feature. Thats why the older menu you have disappears. It doesn’t have inbuilt navigation anymore. You will have to add your menu again from Appearance -> Menus link on your wp-admin. This will be a one time addition and it makes many things easier as well. You won’t have to to play with the code anymore for navigation. :)

      Sorry for the confusion.


  12. One last question. I am using a custom header image and found that if on the default.css sheet I added an opacity of 0 for the blog name that is present in WP Settings page, I can ‘hide’ the name from view on the site.


    #header h1, #header h1 a, #header h1 a:hover, #header h1 a:visited {

    color: #F4E1B9; opacity:0;


    This does not work for IE. I tried modifying the ie.css file but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  13. I solved my problem by using a font size of 0. Not pretty, but it works. Now I have a graphic image for my header, and the Blog title set on the WP Settings>General page appears to be invisible in Firefox and Safari browsers for Mac and IE for PC. Thanks again for the nice theme!!