simpleX Theme update

So, its been 4 days I am trying to complete a simple WordPress theme – simpleX. Its been a great experience diving into the ocean and exploring. I have found quite many helpful bits here and there to enhance the features. Those simply are making me believe WordPress has a great future and I am more convinced that WordPress can indeed be used to create any kind of apps.

Anyway, so to update simpleX is now at version 1.0.8. I will take a final lookover on few CSS issues and see if I can fix them in a day or two and release simpleX on this website. Though this will not be my perfect professional theme, I am on that path. I have a few ideas and working on the design part at present. As soon as simpleX is released, I will start working on my next theme. Oh yeah, thats a secret for now. 😉

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