simpleX 2.0

simpleX 2.0 is a revamped WordPress theme. It is developed to take advantage of latest WordPress features such as post formats, custom header and custom background. It also takes full advantage to work on modern browsers as well as all types of screen resolution, a responsive design. As always, its minimalist, simple and clean.

You can view the demo of simpleX here.

As this theme has been very popular in, it will be available for free. simpleX is now in the repository. Grab it here.

This theme works best for bloggers.

Once again — Merry Christmas to ya all… :)

I have seen couple of users wanting older version of simpleX. You can grab the version 1.3.3 here.

3 thoughts on “simpleX 2.0

  1. Hey I really love your simplex theme and also use it on my own site. I’m very delighted to see, that the new version supports internationalization! Sadly with the new version one of the best things of the old version went away too: Tag Cloud with variable font size based on the amount of articles assigned to that tag. Is there any way of getting the old behavior back?

  2. I also would like the variable font size back for the tag cloud, but what is more annoying is the fact that it does not work with Interent Explorer. The page design is completely corrupted in IE, although it looks fine in Firefox. That’s the reason, why I switched back to the old version.
    The new version changes the header design, so that the description is not under the title any more, but behind it. Is there a possibility to switch that back to having the description underneath?